Postcard: Camping and Fruit Picking in 1967

Written on Saturday, July 8, 1967

That’s the advantage to being a farmer; friends can drop by and you can generally down tools for a short while and visit without any particular consequence. It’s a welcome break if they visit in the middle of the day when it is hottest.

Mr. and Mrs. W. Woodbridge
+ Don.
Trout Creek Road.,Summerland,

Dear Woodbridges,

Have just stopped in Yoho Nat. Park for the night. We all enjoyed our afternoon with you yesterday + hope we didn’t delay the picking too much. We made it to a very nice private campsite last night just north of Vernon by 6:45.

Hope to see you again,

Cec + Elisabeth + children


Letter: Failing to Sign a Seed Grain Lien in 1938

Written on Monday, November 28, 1938

B.S. Gunn

The Rural Municipality of Pense No. 160
Office of the Secretary Treasurer
Pense, Sask.

Nov. 28, 1938.

Dear Sir:-

When you got your seeding and summer-fallowing supplies this season, we apparently did not get your signature to the required note and seed grain lien.

Herewith please find same duly filled out in duplicate.

Will you kindly sign both copies, before a witness, and return both to this office at your earliest convenience.

Thanking you,



Letter: Church, Sweet and Sour Meatballs, Leaving Home in 1954

Written on Monday, July 5, 1954

Don, aged 19, is moving out to Vancouver to work for the summer before starting his studies at UBC in the fall. His brother David (older by five years and likely the David mentioned in the letter) is already there doing his own studies.

I love this letter for what all of the little details:

  • The sweet and sour meatballs, they sure must have made an impression.
  • Sunday school, church, and then evening service too.
  • All of the disorganized wandering around looking for beds to sleep in and places to stay.
  • The line at the end, saying his mother needn’t have worried. Such a universal thing to send to a worrying parent.
  • The Patullo bridge described as a monster (it’s now perhaps the smallest bridge crossing the Fraser, instead of the largest).

2886 W 5th Ave.,
Vancouver 8,
July 5, 1954

Dear Mum + Dad.

I arrived in New Westminster with Marge + Willie at about 6 o’clock. We went to Willies house and had supper. Then they took me into Vancouver to the place where Marge had been staying. She phoned the people in Masterton’s house and the lady gave me an address and a phone number but didn’t say what to do with them. the address was Friezens so Marge and Willie took me there. I went in and Friezens said they could put me up so I stayed there for the night. Next day, Sunday, we went to Sunday School (77 present) and church. Then we all went to Eastons for dinner (a jewish recipe for sweet and sour meatballs). It was really good as was supper which we had there too. Pat and Swen Easton brought David home once remember? She used to be Swen Maryat from Keleden. They have a three month old baby boy named Glen. Sunday night we went to church at Bethany again and David arrived at the end of the service so I got my suitcase and went to their place to sleep. It is small but fixed up nicely. The people up above don’t seem very considerate.

I don’t think much of what I’ve seen of Vancouver so far (not very much) but the Patullo bridge is quite a monster. I wouldn’t want to drive in this traffic but it isn’t as bad as people make out.

You shouldn’t have worried mum I was alright!

Your son,


A first letter home